Tony Bram’s Orchestra

L'orchestre Tony Bram's Musique de Danse

Tony Bram's

Considered by his peers the trumpeter most gifted of his generation, Tony Bram's is today head of an orchestra the most famous of his generation. This is because in the field of variety, from classic to jazz Tony Bram's is distinguished by his originality of his tone and his phrasing. His interpretations of film music or the most beautiful melodies are always emotional moments or extraordinary feelings. Each concert or gala finishes with a standing ovation, and the thoughts of the marvellous entertainment.

Tony Bram's is a leader

Tony Bram's is a leader, always present at the stage, he directs and animates the evening. A talented arranger, he knows how to integrate in each number the trumpet playing of his choice. For each piece, an original choreography, the costumes and sets are created.

Tony Bram's orchestra

In the trio of the best orchestras of France between René Coll and Giles Péllègrini, Tony Bram's Orchestra makes all of Europe dance. The youngest of this generation, he listens, learns, looks and today is moving towards the heights of stardom. This fame is due to:210 variety galas, 48 Chruch concerts, 2Dvd, 5 new albums between the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2009. Tony Bram's fame and stardom continues to increase.

Tony Bram’s and the Musicians

Proud of his experience, he gives them all hope, the enthusiasm for success. His favourite expression, "the achievement is made with discipline". They listen to me, work, give themselves and today they are my visiting card. Eliane Faliex (Liane Foly), Mario (Group Image), JEan Claude Bonnature (Group Kaoma La Lambada), Claude Romano (Kassav) and Gérald Dahan.

Tony Bram's Shows :

  • 1998 Collabaration with Michel Hidalgo for the Show Football World CUp 'Show Football I love you"
  • 1999 Collabaration with Yves duteil, boutros galy, Edmong jouve with the Show "Francophonie I love you" the story of the French language
  • 2007 Collabaration with Michel Lavigne, and the federation of French Rugby tour of the principal towns for the World Cup. "Show Rugby Champagne".

A prestigious discograph

From solo albums of Tony Bram's playing the trumpet (dance, typical, film music, sacred music) to covers regulary recorded by the Tony Bram's orchestra, there are more than a 100 volumes already made. Don't hesitate to ask us for a list of available tutles.